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Shanghai Shawayi Piano Co., Ltd is a famous professional enterprise engaged in producing and selling all kinds of upright and grand pianos. The "Shawayi" brand piano made by our company get the trust of the users by their great acoustic and performance quality, as well as the acknowledgement and appreciation from the piano experts home and abroad.

Features of our company’s products are: stable tone, flexible key-touching, bright treble, soft alto, bold bass; the major parts of the are made from the newest and best materials from Germany, Japan, etc. All the products pass the tests of National Light Industry Department.During the production of the piano, every production procedure from choosing the material to products’ leaving factory will be strictly monitored by the company’s technicians. After the products leave the assemble line, the inspectors will evaluate once again the tone, flexibility of touching keys, etc., for one to two weeks.

There is no end for pursuing arts, and you should work with perseverance.The company has invited the world’s great pianists, piano experts to take the long-term technical guide. We emphasize the innovation of technology. The business of the company is developing very fast recent years, and our technology group also grows much bigger, which make our products succeed in entering the international market. Our pianos became education pianos prescribed by EUPHONY MUSICAL SDN BHD in Malaysia in 2004. We also set the foreign sales headquarters in Chicago,USA in 2005.

We follow the manufacturing philosophy"Unit the science and the craft ,creat the success of piano art" to upgrade the charm of enterprise and the capability of products.

We hope that Shawayi piano’s sound could take you into the hall of music …