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Peculiarity of the piano

1.These pianos' tone is harmonious.The high pitch is crisp and bright,the continuous reecho is soft ,the undertone is forceful.The change of the pitch is smooth.

2.Show the aesthetic charm and scientific value,following the design principle of German traditional piano,adding the modern technology.

3.Equip the high-grade inner hydraulic pressure slow descent enginery.

4.Equip the special high-grade performance piano bench (also you can select the adjustable bench) and the piano protective cover.

5.The performance feeling is good .This piano has the appropriate size and the installation height of the key board following the human engineering theory.

6.Choose the colourful hardware by yourself,gold or silver.The bright hardware is durable.

7.We can equip the piano with automatic performance system for you if need.

8.The pianos' wood is stable.We use the natural drying,artificial drying and thermal insulation method to guarantee the tone exactitude.

Components of the piano

Sound Board: It is made from natural and good quality pine solid wood and has climatic adaptation, good resonance and more plentiful sound sources.

Crust: It is made of natural import lauan, maple, Thailand-made black walnut, cherrywood, India-made ebony, etc., in addition, due to modern high-tech treatment technology, stable property, it can improve the resonance of piano and ensure the useful time of piano, it can be kept permanently and above the price in value.

Keyboard: We use counter poise balancing leaded technique and choose special multilayer basswood laminated keyboard, dependable quality and it isn't easy to twist more sensitive rally.

Board of String Spindle: We use Germany traditional manufacture process and take imported maple, stained wood as raw materials to process under special technique.

Struck String machine: It adopts the Germany technology standard, each part uses the internationally-known Japanese Sibic special cloth. Choose metal and plastic components which have greater durability than timber, imitated Germany Renault struck string machine, a struck string system using Germany technology.

Strings: We use Germany ROSLAU and Japanese SUZUKI steel wire.

Hammer Head: Made of Germany-made felt, it has pure, beautiful tone and strong expressive force.

String Spindle: It is made by the acoustic techniques and the latest anti-corrosive treatment techniques, imported from Germany. Use Germany DIAMANT material, spray, gilt and bolt are the most durable materials. These can maintain the tone for along time and it's easy to tune.